We create individual and interactive websites. They feature a modern design optimized for smartphones and tablets (responsive).

We recommend WordPress as content management system. There is no difference whether it is a one-man or medium-sized business, because over the years WordPress has evolved into a very large, dynamic and secure content management system. It is highly flexible and offers the opportunity to customize its backend, which allows a simple and user-friendly maintenance.
Alternatively, we also offer Drupal as a CMS for web projects.

Web development

Web development roughly differs from web design in functionality and the range of application. We develop individual web applications that can assume different tasks. Beginning with applications for social media platforms, individual management platforms (Time tracking, CRM, Agency Solutions, etc.) to intranet solutions, everything is possible. Owing to flexibility, availability, and platform independence, web applications are optimally suited to replace desktop applications.

Frameworks we use: Symfony2 and Laravel (PHP); Django (Python); Express (Node.js®); RequireJS, backbone.js, AngularJS, jQuery (JavaScript); Bootstrap and Foundation (CSS);


We develop customized e-commerce solutions. Online stores, with which products can be interactively presented in the best spotlight.

At the present time, when online retailers are becoming increasingly dominant, it is increasingly difficult for local retailers to bring their products to the customers. Using one’s own online store, it is possible to compensate this situation and sometimes increase the sales because one can target a wider audience.

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